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Allocate to China (“ATC”) Initiative is a research-based communication and solution platform bringing together global investors, asset managers and other stakeholders to share insights about China’s capital market, to build business relations and to form partnership.

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ATC Sustainable Investment

In Sept 2020, China announced its target to reach peak carbon emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality (net zero) by 2060. China is the biggest CO2 emission country, accounting for 28% of the world’s total emission (although in terms of per capita emission, China ranked 47th). To reduce all this emission while maintaining a high growth rate is a task of tremendous magnitude. In addition, China leaves only 30 years to drop the emission from peak to zero while most developed economies would be 40-60 years, which means much more dramatic changes in policy and technology adoption.

With 22 years of history, asset management is a young but fast-growing industry in China. By the 2020 year-end, the total AUM of the industry has grown to RMB124.39trn (€15.51trn), second only to that in the US. The China Asset Manager Top 30 is a listing of the biggest players in China’s asset management industry, with a total AUM of €5.41trn, accounting for 35% of the industry total.

ATC China Top 30 Asset Managers (2021)