Technology Investment

Green Industrial Park

In order to better support the development of new energy companies, more than 30 hydrogen energy industrial parks and more than one hundred new energy vehicles industrial parks have been built across the country, as well as a number of national technology business incubators supporting clean energy start-ups.

Hydrogen Energy Industrial Parks

At present, several regional hydrogen energy industrial clusters have been formed, most of them are in East China, these regions cover the fields of hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation, application as well as hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. As of May 2020, there are 32 hydrogen energy industrial parks in operation and under construction across the country, and the hydrogen energy industrial parks in East China are the most active.

New Energy Vehicles Industrial Parks

The rapid development of the new energy vehicles industry also led to the construction of the new energy vehicle industrial parks in the country. These completed new energy vehicle industrial parks are mainly located in the Bohai Rim (near Beijing and Tianjin), the Yangtze River Delta, Hubei province and Guangdong province.